Bootstrap 3 CSS for IE7
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#Bootstrap 3 for IE7

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Bootstrap 3 dropped support for Internet Explorer 7, but you can add it back by simply adding this conditional CSS.

<!--[if lt IE 8]>
    <link href="/css/bootstrap-ie7.css" rel="stylesheet">



  • Q. Do I need to make any changes to my HTML to add support for bootstrap3-ie7?

    A. Nope! Just include the conditional IE7 stylesheet and you're ready to go!

  • Q. Does this include the new Glyphicons introduced in Bootstrap 3.3.2?

    A. Yep!

  • Q. What about rounded corners, box shadows and gradients for IE7. How can I get those?

    A. I recommend CCS3Pie for adding support for those CSS3 properties to older IE. If you use that you can add this to your CSS to quickly add border-radius

  • Q. What about Internet Explorer 6?

    A. Although this CSS does not include IE6-specific fixes, it does fix the webfonts icon, so it's worthwhile using the conditional code 'if lt IE 8' rather than 'if IE 7'.

  • Q. What about Bootstrap 4?

    A. I'm working on a new CSS file to add Internet Explorer 8 support to Bootstrap 4. Check it out at:

Known Issues

  • The polyfill can be a little bit buggy. Please make sure you follow the instructions for using that carefully.
  • As this is only a CSS stylesheet there may be problems with using Bootstrap 3's JavaScript in IE7.
  • Please open a pull request If you've fixed something.

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