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History.js gracefully supports the HTML5 History/State APIs (pushState, replaceState, onPopState) in all browsers. Including continued support for data, titles, replaceState. Supports jQuery, MooTools and Prototype. For HTML5 browsers this means that you can modify the URL directly, without needing to use hashes anymore. For HTML4 browsers it will revert back to using the old onhashchange functionality.

  • Updated Mar 5, 2020
  • JavaScript
ai commented May 24, 2017

We loved caniuse-db, but it uses 7 MB and contains many irrelevant data.

This is why @ben-eb created caniuse-lite. It is just a copy of latest caniuse-db (he wrote autorelease script) with less data and better compression. Only 1 MB.

Autoprefixer and Browserslist moved to caniuse-lite. So let’s use it here too. It is very easy, API is the sam

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