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Converts html to coffeekup
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test preserve indent in """ - looks better.
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$ npm install -g htmlkup

Command line usage:

Pipe it in, it pipes it out.

$ echo '<html></html>' | htmlkup
$ echo '<html>
    <link type="text/css" href="/css/my.css" />
    <script type="text/javascript" src="/js/my.js"></script>
      <a href="/">somewhere</a><br/>
</html>' | htmlkup
html ->
  head ->
    link type: "text/css", href: "/css/my.css"
    script type: "text/javascript", src: "/js/my.js"
    title "Title"
  body ->
    div "Text"
    div ->
      a href: "/", "somewhere"
$ htmlkup < your.html >

Module usage:

hmtlkup exports just one function. Pass in html, it returns coffeescript

htmlkup = require 'htmlkup'

html = '<p>Hi!</p>'
coffeekup = htmlkup(html)
p "Hi!"

Online usage:

html2coffeekup by Jacob Friis Saxberg

You can paste in your HTML and it'll output coffeescript.

haml-html-coffeecup-javascript-coffeescript-converter by Mike Smullin

Converts HAML into HTML, HTML into coffescript (coffeekup), and bi-directional conversion of coffeescript and javascript.


$ vows
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