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A script/RESTful API to compute an approximation of the reputation gained by a Stack Overflow user up to a given date.

The script can be tested online at this address (Be patient, it may take a few seconds). Furthermore, you can use it as a web service in your own app. Check the RESTful API documentation page for more.

NOTE: You will need to install Git LFS extension to check out this project. Once installed and initialized, simply run:

$ git lfs clone


The extracted reputation is only an estimate (with a ~10% error). The following rules are not considered:

  • Suggested edit is accepted: +2 (up to +1000 total per user)
  • Bounty awarded to your answer: + full bounty amount
  • One of your answers is awarded a bounty automatically: + half of the bounty amount (see more details about how bounties work)
  • Example you contributed to is voted up: +5
  • Proposed change is approved: +2
  • First time an answer that cites documentation you contributed to is upvoted: +5
  • You place a bounty on a question: - full bounty amount
  • One of your posts receives 6 spam or offensive flags: -100

Fair Use Policy

Please, cite the following works if you intend to use our tool for your own research:

F. Calefato, F. Lanubile, N. Novielli. “Moving to Stack Overflow: Best-Answer Prediction in Legacy Developer Forums.” In Proc. 10th Int’l Symposium on Empirical Softw. Eng. and Measurement (ESEM’16), Ciudad Real, Spain, Sept. 8-9, 2016, DOI:10.1145/2961111.2962585.

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F. Calefato, F. Lanubile, M.C. Marasciulo, N. Novielli. MSR Challenge: “Mining Successful Answers in Stack Overflow.” In Proc. 12th IEEE Working Conf. on Mining Software Repositories (MSR 2015), Florence, Italy, May 16-17, 2015.

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DB Setup

If you want to run your script locally or deploy the web service on your own server, you need to setup a MySQL database. From this point forward, we assume that you have already imported the SO dump to a local MySQL db (there are several scripts that you can easily adapt to your purpose; see here and here, for example).

  • Java 8+

Go to the scripts/db-setup/ folder and run in batch mode the sql script

$ sh

NOTE: Before running, edit the first lines of the file to change the following information:


This script will create several table/views and indexes to speed up the querying process, plus some CSV files, named Question_Answer_?_(asc|desc).csv and Posts_Votes?_(asc|desc).csv. These CSV files are needed by the web service, therefore, whenever you create or update the SO database, you should copy/move them to the subfolder webservice/StackOverflowRESTfulWebService/WebContent/WEB-INF where you deployed the reputation web service.

How to Run

The scripts referenced in this section must be edited prior to execution, in order to customize the following variables:

  • MySQL username
  • MySQL password
  • SO database name

Script: Sequential version

  • Python 3
    • PyMySQL version 0.7.9

From comand line run:

$ python

Script: Parallel Version

Need CSV files

  • Java 8+
    • Akka version 2.1.4
    • OpenCSV version 3.9
Usage Akka-script

From comand line:

$ java -jar Akka-script-final.jar [UserId1] [date1] (...[UserIdN] [dateN]) -1 


  • UserIdX is an integer representing a user id
  • dateX is a string representing a date in the format YYYY-mm-dd
Test Akka-script

From comand line:

$ java -jar Akka-script-test.jar [n] [date].


  • n is an integer representing the first n users in the dump
  • date is a string representing a date in the format YYYY-mm-dd

Web Service


Documentation is available here.

  • Java 8
    • OpenCSV version 3.9
    • Jersey version 1.17.1
    • Jackson version 1.9.10
  • Tomcat 8+


Computing an approximate reputation score for Stack Overflow users at any time (scripts and RESTful API)





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