Index gets an invalid date when feedItemUpdated date set to October 31 #7

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jbofill commented Nov 11, 2013

This issue only appears when a feed item field feedItemUpdated date is set to October 31. Field is correct in feed item view, but gives an error at the portal_catalog.

When a feed item has its date set to October 31, if you go to to portal_catalog and browse getFeedItemUpdated,


when you reach that feed item you get an Invalid date error:

Traceback (innermost last):
Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 138, in publish
Module ZPublisher.mapply, line 77, in mapply
Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 48, in call_object
Module Shared.DC.Scripts.Bindings, line 322, in call
Module Shared.DC.Scripts.Bindings, line 359, in _bindAndExec
Module App.special_dtml, line 185, in _exec
Module DocumentTemplate.DT_Let, line 77, in render
Module DocumentTemplate.DT_In, line 606, in renderwb
Module DocumentTemplate.DT_Util, line 210, in eval

  • traceback_info: DateTime
    Module , line 1, in
    Module DateTime.DateTime, line 440, in init
    Module DateTime.DateTime, line 812, in _parse_args
    DateError: Invalid date: (2013, 11, 0, 16, 24, 0, 'UTC')

As you can see date has been incorrectly calculated, and set to day 0 of November. Hours and minutes are some times changed (1 hour and/or 1 minute less).

You can reproduce this error just adding a feed item with date set to 2013/10/31.

This error leads some times leads to a database error,

2013-11-11 13:52:29 ERROR ZODB.Connection Couldn't load state for 0x25f1
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/p-planets/portal/eggs/ZODB3-3.10.5-py2.7-linux-i686.egg/ZODB/", line 860, in setstate
File "/home/p-planets/portal/eggs/ZODB3-3.10.5-py2.7-linux-i686.egg/ZODB/", line 914, in _setstate
self._reader.setGhostState(obj, p)
File "/home/p-planets/portal/eggs/ZODB3-3.10.5-py2.7-linux-i686.egg/ZODB/", line 612, in setGhostState
state = self.getState(pickle)
File "/home/p-planets/portal/eggs/ZODB3-3.10.5-py2.7-linux-i686.egg/ZODB/", line 605, in getState
return unpickler.load()
File "/home/p-planets/portal/eggs/DateTime-3.0.3-py2.7.egg/DateTime/", line 455, in setstate
self._parse_args(value[0], value[2])
File "/home/p-planets/portal/eggs/DateTime-3.0.3-py2.7.egg/DateTime/", line 790, in _parse_args
tz = _TZINFO._zmap[tz.lower()]
KeyError: u'+0000'

and I have to recover from a database snapshot.


mauritsvanrees commented Nov 11, 2013

I have seen this too from time to time. I don't know if that was for feed feeder items or for general content types and standard date fields. Until now I have assumed this is a general error in Plone and you cannot always browse all indexes. I may be wrong.


jbofill commented Nov 12, 2013

Yes, it seems a general error but in Zope DateIndex.

There is a 5 years old report ticket in Plone stating that a ticket must be opened in Zope.

I have'nt found the Zope issue tracker.


cleder commented Nov 12, 2013

On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 4:47 PM, Jordi Bofill notifications@github.comwrote:

Yes, it seems a general error but in Zope DateIndex.

There is a 5 years old report ticket in Plone stating that a ticket must
be opened in Zope.

I have'nt found the Zope issue tracker.

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jbofill commented Nov 12, 2013

Found the bug in Zope (cleder: thanks for the link) The issue is fixed in Products.ZCatalog 3.0b2.

I pinned Products.ZCatalog = 3.0.1 and browsed index getFeedItemUpdated without problems.

From my point of view this issue can be closed. Thank-you.

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