A simple integration of the `MediaElementJS <http://mediaelementjs.com/>`_ video player for Plone.
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An integration of the MediaElementJS audio and video player for Plone.

Large portions of this package have been blatantly copied from the collective.flowplayer product by Martin Aspeli.

What it does

Once installed, supported media files uploaded to the Plone site will automatically use a view that renders them with the MediaElementJS player.

MediaElementJS uses <video> and <audio> tags on modern browsers. If the browser doesn't support HTML5 media element tags, or can not render the media natively, a Flash players that mimics the MediaElement API is used. See the MediaElementJS browser and device support chart for details.

The recognized formats at the moment are:

MP3, Ogg, MPEG-4, WAV, Windows Media Audio, WebM
MPEG-4, Ogg, WebM, Flash Video, Windows Media Video, MPEG and QuickTime (.mov and .qt)

This package doesn't do any transcoding, if you need that have a look at wildcard.media



Follow the quick instructions in the Plone knowledge base.


  • hachoir_core
  • hachoir_metadata
  • hachoir_parser