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CollectiveAccess README

Build Status

Thank you for downloading Providence version 1.6.3!

Version 1.6.3 is a maintenance release. A list of fixes can be found at

Providence is the “back-end” cataloging component of CollectiveAccess, a web-based suite of applications providing a framework for management, description, and discovery of complex digital and physical collections. Providence is highly configurable and supports a variety of metadata standards, data types, and media formats.

CollectiveAccess is freely available under the open source GNU Public License, meaning it’s not only free to download and use but that users are encouraged to share and distribute code.

Note that 1.6 is the first version of CollectiveAccess compatible with PHP 7.

----Useful Links:----

Web site:



Installation instructions:

Upgrade instructions:

Release Notes for 1.6:

Fixed in version 1.6.3:


Bug Tracker:

----Other modules:----

Pawtucket: (The public access front-end application for Providence)