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Polly Hudson edited this page Jul 12, 2024 · 14 revisions

Welcome to the Colouring Cities Research Programme's Open Manual. The CCRP Manual, which is currently under construction, is managed by the Alan Turing Institute, the UK's national institute for data science and artificial intelligence. It is designed to provide easy-to-use non-technical information about the Colouring Cities Research Programme (CCRP), and is written both for CCRP academic partners reproducing, and collaborating on, our open code, and for anyone interested in our research. The Open Manual includes information on platform goals, governance and sustainable management, data category choice, influences, design and development methods, ethics, data capture methods, data accuracy, consultation, user engagement, as well as on known issues and limitations identified as part of the CCRP's research. CCRP international partners are also provided with dedicated pages to enable them to share updates and new ideas and to provide access to information on Colouring Cities platform links, teams, plans and progress.

The CCRP Open Manual is released under MIT licence terms. Please feel free to cite text with the following reference: Hudson, P. (ed) Colouring Cities Research Programme Open Manual, 2024. Published on GitHub. This ensures contributors to the open research manual and open programme are properly acknowledged.

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