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For when you want to make sounds when typing...
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Linux Typewriter

If you want to make some kind of screencast that features keyboard typing sounds, this might come in handy. Get the script, run linux-typewriter.rb and pump up your volume.

This is totally hacked-away, but it works for me. Your mileage may vary, though.


  • Python, Ruby, Rubygems

  • python-xlib (On Debian-based, install with sudo apt-get install python-xlib)

  • aplay command line player, but you really can dump in anything you want, see linux-typewriter.rb

  • sinatra (sudo gem install sinatra)

Why this weird threading architecture with sinatra and python and stuff?

Simple: The aplay command is too slow when used directly from, locking the process for a while. I am no python genius and have no idea how to establish a thread, and I do not care. It now makes a webrequest to the running sinatra app, which launches aplay in a separate thread, thus not locking the keypress listener anymore.

Copyrights by Sayan “Riju” Chakrabarti, Released under WTFPL Version 2

  • Modifications by Christoph Olszowka

Keypress sounds extracted from 'keyboard-typing' by Anton at Freesound,

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