Lambda Wrapper for AWS NodeJS Projects
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Lambda Wrapper

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When writing Serverless endpoints, we have found ourselves replicating a lot of the boiler plate code to do basic actions, such as reading request variables or writing to SQS. The aim of this package is to provide a wrapper for our lambda functions, to provide some level of dependency and configuration injection and to reduce time spent on project setup.

Installation & usage

Install via npm:

npm install --save @comicrelief/lambda-wrapper

Or via yarn:

yarn add @comicrelief/lambda-wrapper

You can then wrap your lambdas as follows.

import {
} from '@comicrelief/lambda-wrapper';

export default LambdaWrapper({}, (di, request, done) => {
  const response = new ResponseModel({}, 200, `hello ${request.get('name', 'nobody')}`);
  done(null, response.generate());

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