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Component is not maintained anymore. See here #639 for more information.

You can still use the component registry on to search for components. All the components are not affected, because most of them also provide a package.json file. The component.json files in these components are still kept to provide backwards compatibility for component and duo.

What now?

Consider to use another tool, which rely on the npm and the package.json standard:

Component is a vertically integrated frontend solution, handling everything from package management to the build process, handling everything including HTML, JS, CSS, images, and fonts. Think of it as an opinionated npm + browserify + rework-npm + grunt/gulp/broccoli all wrapped into component build.

Want to know more about Component? Visit the guide or view the comparison with other solutions.

If you're confused about component, components, componentjs, please read disambiguation

Component 1.0.0: Several major new features have been added, some have been removed, and the project has been greatly reorganized. You may need to upgrade your version of node and/or npm to avoid breakage. Please see the detailed changelog. Component 0.x will not be maintained anymore.


First, you need node v0.10+ installed. If you do not have it installed, visit node's download page.

With node installed, run the following command:

 $ npm install -g component

Getting Started

Read this Getting Started guide to get a basic static site running very quickly with Component.

Note: the Component repo (this repo) has only documentation for Component 0.19. All of the documentation related to 1.0.0 will be handled in the guide repo.


The team and organization have undergone massive changes. In summary, jonathanong stopped developing Component and started with and the guys from segmentio switched to using duo. Component will still be maintained and updated while it is in use. You can read more about Duo.js and Component here.

The long story of Component and the changes that occurred in component can be found in Jonathan Ong's blog post "the future of component".

Development for component (maintenance and features) will be continued at the latest when latest browsers will support the ES6 modules and Web Components natively.