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This project was deprecated and no maintaince. Please use pagings intead, same as this project, flexible, more simple, but no dependencies.

Jquery Paging


The pagination made simple. even you using any front-end enviroment.


What is paging? are you english dummy?

oh, sorry western users. this is a simple pagination library. most korean users called pagination as "paging". so, I decided named to "jquery.paging" from few years ago for korean users.


bower install jquery.paging

or, download ZIP, extract and place files to your script folder.

requirements: jquery >= 1.5.0


//I think there is no more simpler than this code.
//If pagination applied, you can call again without full option arguments.
//that is, you can call again that you need something change. such as change current page:
$('#paging').paging({current:2}); // you will change page 2 instead of 1 of 50 page.
//or, if you destroy pagination, write simple call below:

paging options

className : (new) the pagination container css class name. default is "jquery-paging".

item : item tag element name, default is "a".

itemClass : item tag element class, default is "paging-item".

itemCurrent : current page element class. this class will append with item class, default is "selected".

format : a content of page element, default is "[%d]".

sideClass : class for next and prev button, default is "paging-side".

next : a content of next page element. default is "[>{5}]" ("[>{5}]")

prev : a content of prev page element. default is "[{4}&lt;]" ("[{4}<]")

first : a content of first page element. default is "[1&lt;&lt;]"

last : a content of last page element. default is "[&gt;&gt;{6}]"

length : length of display pages. default is 10.

max : defines max page. default is 1.

current : defines default page. default is 1.

href : if item tag name is 'a', activate link each item. default is "#%d"

event : activate default events. If you click any item, change paging dynamically. usally for ajax. default is true. these event will only affected when event=true.

onclick : fire event if clicked any items. if you returns false, will not refresh paging. if you want apply paging but you won't any action such as link action, call event.stopPropagation()!

onprev : init additional operation for prev button. this scopes prev button element(plain DOM. not jQuery!)

onnext : init additional operation for next button. this scopes next button element(plain DOM. not jQuery!)

onitem : init additional operation for each page item button. this scopes any page item element.


(for format,next,prev,href,first,last property)

{0} = item page

{1} = page length

{2} = start page

{3} = end page

{4} = last page of prev part

{5} = start page of next part

{6} = max page




  • 0.2.1 : fixed incorrect condition of show/hide the next and last button.
  • 0.2.0 : remove append property due to unstable and unused. added new property className for managing pagination container. paging options will stored on targeted element for call again with override.
  • 0.1.7 : improved onclick event.
  • 0.1.6 : first and last content can be false. it will not make first or last button.
  • 0.1.5 : first and last button added. and content can appends substitution. new option 'append' : If you set this true, paging will generate content without delete target's content. default is false. new Substitution {6} : the last page (equal of op.max).
  • 0.1.0 : initial release.




The pagination made simple. even you using any front-end enviroment.






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