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Compsy is a non-profit educational organization, affiliated with the University of Groningen

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  1. u-can-act u-can-act Public

    The u-can-act questionnaire engine

    Ruby 8 2

  2. personalized-coaching-ml personalized-coaching-ml Public

    The Machine learning pipeline for the personalized coaching app

    Jupyter Notebook 2 1

  3. machine-learning-depression machine-learning-depression Public

    Repository for the ICPE machine learning workgroup

    Python 1

  4. ACTman ACTman Public

    Actigraphy manager

    R 1 1

  5. dynamic-state-tracker dynamic-state-tracker Public

    Dynamic state tracker software

    Python 1

  6. polar_test polar_test Public

    Polar Team Pro API Test

    Ruby 1


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