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Recipes for the conan-center repository
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Conan-Center Index

This repository:

  • Contains the Conan recipes for the conan-center repository.
  • Has a CI system that will build automatically the Binary packages for the recipes submitted in a Pull Request.

Check the Wiki of the project to read what is the Conan-Center-Index, how it works and how to contribute with new recipes.

Reporting Issues

You can open an issue to:

  • Report bugs/issues in a package:
    • Use the [package] tag in the title of the issue to help identifying them.
    • If you detect any issue or missing feature in a package, for example, a build failure or a recipe that not support a specific configuration.
    • Specify the name and version zlib/1.2.11 and any relevant details about the fail configuration: Applied profile, building machine...
  • Request a new library to be added:
    • Use the [request] tag in the title of the issue to help identifying them.
    • Indicate the name and the version of the library you would like to have in the repository. Also links to the project website, source download/repository and in general any relevant information that helps creating a recipe for the requested library.
  • Report a failure in the CI system:
    • If you open a PR and get an unexpected error you might comment in the failing PR.
    • If the service or repository is down or failing, use the [service] tag in the title of a new issue to help identifying them.
  • If your issue is not appropriate for a public discussion, please contact us via e-mail at
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