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Several Conan examples as resources for documentation and blog posts
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Conan Examples

Several Conan examples to complement the documentation and blog.


Getting started with Conan

Example how to use Conan to consume binaries.


Package development flow

Example how to use Conan commands to develop a package recipe.



Example how to use Conan Workspaces.


Serializing your data with Protobuf

Demonstrate how to use Protobuf to serialize data between C++ and Python.

Blog Post:

Using Facebook Folly with Conan

Demonstrate how to use Folly to validate an URI using Futures, FBString, Executors, and Format.

Blog Post:

An introduction to Dear ImGui and how to use with Conan

Demonstrate how to use Dear ImGui with Conan to add a GUI to an OpenGL3 application.

Exporting targets with CMake and reuse with find_package()

Use CMake to declare, export and install the targets of some libraries and using Conan to reuse them with find_package and the multi-configuration project.

Using the cmake_find_package_multi generator

Demonstrate how to use the cmake_find_package_multi generator to integrate seamlessly CMake with Conan using find_package in a multi-configuration project.

Multi-configuration package (N configs -> 1 package)

Example on how to create multi-configuration debug/release packages covering the N configs -> 1 package use case:

  • Remove the build_type from settings.
  • Have a CMake script that differentiate debug and release artifacts (set_target_properties(hello PROPERTIES DEBUG_POSTFIX _d)).
  • Have a build() that builds both configs.
  • Have a package_info() method that accounts for both configs self.cpp_info.debug.libs, etc.



Using lockfiles in CI to rebuild a whole project

When a package in a dependency graph is modified and a new version or revision is created, it is sometimes desired to test if that new version works well within a larger product or project, that is, when that package is part of a larger dependency graph. The packages that depend on the modified one might need to be rebuilt, but if something else changed, it is impossible to achieve reproducible builds.

Using lockfiles can enforce the same upstream dependencies, to ensure reproducible builds and to re-build and test such scenarios.


How can I reproduce the build steps?

All our examples can be built on Windows, Linux and Mac. If you are interested to reproduce the examples in your environment, please follow the CI scripts:

In addition, you should be able to inspect our logs by clicking on the badges at the top of this file.



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