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Python Random User Generator

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Python class for generating random user data using API.

Basic Usage

from randomuser import RandomUser

# Generate a single user
user = RandomUser()

# Generate a list of 10 random users
user_list = RandomUser.generate_users(10)

Both RandomUser() and RandomUser.generate_users() can optionally accept a dictionary of parameter names to desired values using the get_params optional parameter:

# Generate a random female user
user = RandomUser({'gender': 'female'})

# Generate a list of 10 random users from Canada
user_list = RandomUser.generate_users(10, {'nat': 'ca'})

For more information on what parameters can be specified, see the documentation.

Method Overview

For details on the RandomUser class and optional parameters for these methods, see the documentation.

Getter Methods

  • get_cell()
  • get_city()
  • get_dob()
  • get_email()
  • get_first_name()
  • get_full_name()
  • get_gender()
  • get_id()
  • get_id_number()
  • get_id_type()
  • get_info()
  • get_last_name()
  • get_login_md5()
  • get_login_salt()
  • get_login_sha1()
  • get_login_sha256()
  • get_nat()
  • get_password()
  • get_phone()
  • get_picture()
  • get_postcode()
  • get_registered()
  • get_state()
  • get_street()
  • get_username()
  • get_zipcode()