Terraform Module for an Amazon S3 Static Website
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AWS S3 Static Website Terraform Module

Terraform Module for an Amazon S3 Static Website, fronted by a CloundFront Distribution.

Note: This module "works" but is still in development. See TODO section. Also, suggestions welcome!


This module allows for Hosting a Static Website on Amazon S3, provisioning the following:

  • S3 Bucket for static public files
  • CloudFront Distribution fronting the S3 Bucket
  • Route 53 Record Set aliased to the CloudFront Distribution

It requires (for now?) that the following have been setup outside this module:

  • SSL Certificate
  • Route 53 Hosted Zone


module "s3-static-website" {
  source  = "conortm/s3-static-website/aws"

  domain_name = "www.my-aws-s3-static-website.com"
  redirects   = ["my-aws-s3-static-website.com"]
  cert_arn    = "ARN_OF_SSL_CERTIFICATE"
  zone_id     = "HOSTED_ZONE_ID"

  tags = {
    Foo = "Bar"


Name Description Type Default Required
cert_arn ARN of the SSL Certificate to use for the Cloudfront Distribution string - yes
domain_name Domain name for the website (i.e. www.example.com) string - yes
public_dir Directory in S3 Bucket from which to serve public files string /public no
redirects A list of domains that should redirect to domain_name (i.e. for redirecting naked domain to www-version) list <list> no
secret A secret string between CloudFront and S3 to control access string - yes
tags A mapping of tags to assign to each resource map <map> no
zone_id ID of the Route 53 Hosted Zone in which to create an alias record set string - yes


Name Description
cdn_domain_name Domain name of the Cloudfront Distribution


  • Expose more configuration of resources, esp. Cloudfront dist.
  • Better way to pass in SSL cert, Hosted Zone ID, etc.
  • Add more outputs.