Contactsend out-of-the-box integration module for Magento eCommerce platform
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Contactsend Connect for Magento

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The Contactsend Connect for Magento plug-in is a simple and effective way to manage your communications with online customers. It combines Contactsend from Contactlab with the e-commerce capabilities of Magento to provide a simple, flexible, and highly configurable e-communications environment:

  • Automatically synchronize Magento and Contactsend user databases
  • Synchronize subscribe and unsubscribe activities
  • Send:
    • Transactional emails
    • Abandoned cart emails
    • Wishlist reminder emails
  • Export e-commerce transactions
  • Configure product templates from Magento
  • Extends default newsletter subscription features
  • Manage both newsletter subscribers (guests) and e-commerce subscribers (customers)
  • Compatible with Magento multi-store and multi-Website installations

Contactsend Connect for Magento is intended for use with a standard Magento installation. If you use other plug-ins with the same installation, there may be compatibility issues that require system integration updates.


To learn how to install, configure and use Contactsend Connect for Magento, go to the Wiki pages.


Contributions from the community are welcome: to learn how to contribute to the project please refer to Contributing.