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@squeed squeed released this Feb 5, 2021

This is a minor update to the CNI plugins that bumps a few dependencies and includes some small behavior tweaks.

New behavior:

  • DHCP timeout is configurable (#565).
  • host-device: Add support for DPDK device (#490). Host-device plugin is a noop for DPDK devices


  • vlan: fix error message text by removing ptp references (#566). Fixing a few error messages that the vlan plugin returns. These appear to be mistaken references to the ptp plugin.
  • vlan: Fix error handling for delegate IPAM plugin (#568).
  • deps: bump coreos/go-iptables (#563). Closes #544
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@squeed squeed released this Dec 9, 2020

Welcome to v0.9.0 of the CNI community plugins.

New Stuff

Thanks to @fedepaol, we have the VRF chained plugin, which will create a linux VRF device and move any interfaces in to it.

Behavior changes

  • tuning: revert values on delete (#540). Useful when using the host-device plugin.

Bug fixes

  • Delete stale UDP conntrack entries when adding new Portmaps to containers (#553).

Other improvements

  • flannel: allow input ipam parameters as basis for delegate (#532).
  • move off of Travis 😢
  • we have a shiny new website:
  • ipvlan: make master config as optional (#534).
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@squeed squeed released this Aug 26, 2020

This is a minor release with some bugfixes and minor improvements:

New Features

  • macvlan: set mac address from args and capabilities (#480).

Bugfixes & Cleanups

  • flannel: remove net conf file after DEL succeed (#449).
  • portmap should not perform deletions if not portMapping config received (#509).
  • portmap: don't use unspecified address as iptables rule destination (#487).
  • Fix race condition in GetCurrentNS (#523).
  • firewall: fix generate of admin chain comment (#506).
  • Fix handling of delay in acquiring lease with stp turned on (#501).
  • host-device: Bring interfaces down before moving (#486).
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@squeed squeed released this May 13, 2020

This is a minor release with some bugfixes and small improvements

New features

  • Support device id in host device plugin (#471).
  • win-bridge: add support for portMappings capability (#475).
  • Make host-device to work with virtio net device (#453).

Small improvements

  • ptp, bridge: disable accept_ra on the host-side interface (#484).
  • modify the error url of windowscontainer (#460).
  • portmap: Apply the DNAT hairpin to the whole subnet (#469). The DNAT hairpin rule only allow the container itself to access the ports it is exposing thru the host IP. Other containers in the same subnet might also want to access this service via the host IP, so apply this rule to the whole subnet instead of just for the container.
  • Unlock OS thread after netns is restored (#455).


  • plugins/meta/sbr: Adjusted ipv6 address mask to /128 (#479). A /64 mask was used which routed an entire cidr based on source, not only the bound address.
  • check bridge's port state (#468). fix #463
  • Reset the route flag before moving the rule (#472).
  • replace juju/errors because of CNCF license scan (#458). ref to #457
  • loopback: Fix ipv6 address checks (#442). Fixes a minor bug in loopback plugin. The IPv6 address check loops over IPv4 addresses.

As always, thanks to all the contributors.

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@jellonek jellonek released this Jan 22, 2020

This is a minor release prepared around a fix for #370


  • bridge: Fix for the case where kernel doesn't have CONFIG_BRIDGE_VLAN_FILTERING (#434) fixes #370.
  • vlan: Fix vlan plugin returning error when device is already removed (#438).


  • sysctl: Improve support of sysctl name separators (#437).
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@mars1024 mars1024 released this Jan 9, 2020

This is a minor release in hurry for resolving flakiness in k8s CI through #421, and this release also includes some other enhancements and bugfixes.

Thanks to our contributors!


  • Support ips capability in static and mac capability in tuning (#343)


  • ensure iptables chain creation is idempotent (#408)
  • Portmap doesn't fail if chain doesn't exist (#421)


  • bridge: add missing cniVersion in README example (#428)

Tests and release:

  • add support for mips64le (#433)


  • Add Bruce Ma and Piotr Skarmuk as owners (#412)
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@squeed squeed released this Nov 11, 2019

This is v0.8.3 of the CNI community plugins. This release has a number of enhancements and bugfxies.

Many thanks to our contributors who make CNI possible.


  • static: prioritize the input sources for IPs (#400).
  • tuning: send gratuitous ARP in case of MAC address update (#403).
  • bandwidth: use uint64 for Bandwidth value (#389).
  • ptp: only override DNS conf if DNS settings provided (#388).
  • loopback: When prevResults are not supplied to loopback plugin, create results to return (#383).
  • loopback support CNI CHECK and result cache (#374).

Better input validation:

  • vlan: add MTU validation to loadNetConf (#405).
  • macvlan: add MTU validation to loadNetConf (#404).
  • bridge: check vlan id when loading net conf (#394).


  • bugfix: defer after err check, or it may panic (#391).
  • portmap: Fix dual-stack support (#379).
  • firewall: don't return error in DEL if prevResult is not found (#390).
  • bump up libcni back to v0.7.1 (#377).


  • integration: fix ip address collision in integration tests (#409).
  • testutils: newNS() works in a rootless user namespace (#401).
  • Bump Go version (#386).
  • Cleanup netns after test suite (#375).


  • contributing doc: revise test script name to run (#396).
  • contributing doc: describe cnitool installation (#397).
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@squeed squeed released this Aug 15, 2019

This is a minor release of the CNI plugins. It includes some important bug fixes, as well as new features:

New features:

  • Support "args" in static and tuning (#281).
  • Add Loopback DSR support, allow l2tunnel networks to be used with the l2bridge plugin (#331).
  • host-local: return error if same ADD request is seen twice (#328).
  • bandwidth: fix collisions (#353).
  • Support ips capability in static and mac capability in tuning (#343).
  • pkg/veth: Make host-side veth name configurable. (#344).

Bug fixes:

  • Fix: failed to set bridge addr: could not add IP address to "cni0": file exists (#366).
  • host-device: revert name setting to make retries idempotent (#357).
  • Vendor update go-iptables (#358). Vendor update go-iptables to obtain commit f1d0510cabcb710d5c5dd284096f81444b9d8d10
    Update go.mod & go.sub
  • Remove link Down/Up in MAC address change to prevent route flush (#364).
  • pkg/ip unit test: be agnostic of Linux version (#349). on Linux 4.4 the syscall error message is "invalid argument" not "file exists"
  • bump containernetworking/cni to v0.7.1 (#341).
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@squeed squeed released this Jun 5, 2019

This is a minor release that fixes some critical bugs in v0.8.0


  • bridge: fix ipMasq setup to use correct source address (#325).
  • fix compilation error on 386 (#324).
  • bandwidth: get bandwidth interface in host ns through container interface (#321). fixes #260


  • Release: bump go to v1.12 (#326).
  • host-device: add pciBusID property (#300).
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