08. Roadmap

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In the next releases, I'm planning on adding a couple new features.

  • Nicer connect dialog: A connect dialog that instead of asking for url-s and keys asks you to log in with your azure account, lists all CosmosDb resources and then you can choose.
  • Pushing more things to the server side: Currently the dynamic driver runs everything on the client side. This is a limitation that comes from the fact that CosmosDb collections have no fixed schema, so dynamic must be used in the case of the dynamic driver, but IQueryable queries cannot be constructed on dynamic collections. Any idea is welcome for this improvement.
  • Supporting the new Graph, Table and MongoDb API-s of CosmosDb.
  • Adding support for exporting the original Json reponse. This is currently not supported by LinqPad and no extension points are available, so I'll have to get creative. But since CosmosDb (or at least the document-based part) is heavily Json oriented, this would probably be useful for a lot of scenarios.
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