Plugin adds app icons to the Joomla! header (Favicon, iOS, Android, Windows tiles)
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  • This plugin adds different favicons for specific devices
    and was created at #jhuette as my first plugin project.
    Special thanks to my mentors Yves Hoppe, Guido De Gobbis and Markus Linne"


  • Adds favicons in different sizes + possibility to enable disable

  • Adds apple-touch-icons in different sizes + possibility to enable disable

  • Adds android-icons in different sizes

    • Link behaviour
    • Force screen orientation
    • Customize Colour of task bar
    • generates and adds manifest.json for android
    • Customize Colour of task bar
    • possibility to enable disable
  • Adds Windows tiles

    • Set up tile colour
    • Adds browserconfig.xml file to root folder for mstiles
    • possibility to enable disable


  • Just install through joomla installer and activate the plugin in Extensions > Plugins > DB Favicons
  • Check your template file to avoid double entries


  • Add descriptions in backend
  • Add alternate images for each type
  • Add custom margin to each type
  • Add custom background colour to each type
  • Overwrite start-URL for android
  • add support for pinned tabs (safari)
  • Testing ;-)