Open source logistics platform. Only for worker-owned business.
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Build Status

CoopCycle is a self-hosted platform to order meals in your neighborhood and get them delivered by bike couriers. The only difference with proprietary platforms as Deliveroo or UberEats is that this software is reserved to co-ops.

The main idea is to decentralize this kind of service and to allow couriers to own the platform they are working for. In each city, couriers are encouraged to organize into co-ops, and to run their very own version of the software.

The software is under active development. If you would like to contribute we will be happy to hear from you! All instructions are in the Contribute file.

Coopcycle-web is the main repo, containing the web API, the front-end for the website and the dispatch algorithm :  Technical Overview . You can see it in action & test it here :

You can find a comprehensive list of our repos here : Our repos comprehensive list .

How to run a local instance


  • Install Docker and Docker Compose.

    • On OSX : use Docker for Mac which will provide you both docker and docker-compose. It doesn't rely on Virtualbox as Docker used to.

    • On Windows : use Docker for Windows which will provide you both docker and docker-compose. It doesn't rely on Virtualbox as Docker used to.

    • On Linux : follow the instructions for your distribution. docker-compose binary is to be installed independently. You can use Coopcycle without root privileges, to do so run sudo usermod -aG docker your-user (will add you to the docker group).

  • Run the install scripts.

make install

Run the application

  • Start the Docker containers
docker-compose up
  • Open the platform in your browser
open http://localhost


  • Create the test database
docker-compose run php bin/console doctrine:schema:create --env=test
  • Launch the PHPUnit tests
make phpunit
  • Launch the Behat tests
make behat
  • Launch the Mocha tests
make mocha

Running migrations

When pulling change from the remote, the database models may have changed. To apply the changes, you will need to run a database migration.

make migrations-migrate


The code is licensed under the Peer Production License, meaning you can use this software provided:

  • You are a worker-owned business or worker-owned collective
  • All financial gain, surplus, profits and benefits produced by the business or collective are distributed among the worker-owners