A free shopping cart system, based on OpenCart (http://www.opencart.com). An ideal alternative to Opencart, rich to develop - easy to use! Read Wiki for improvements over Opencart.
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Copona is open source PHP digital e-commerce platform inspired and based on Opencart http://www.opencart.com.

Good alternative to Opencart, Woocommerce and Prestashop. Read our Wiki for more information on changes and advantages over competitors.

Copona is in DEV mode so, please, use it and test it. Post issues, bugs or feature requests here https://github.com/Copona/copona/issues. Our team will be happy to assist!


Get started

composer create-project copona/copona --stability=dev

cd copona && php copona install


  • Getting project files
    • With Git (recommended)
      • install git guide
      • install composer guide
      • execute commands:
      • cd to webroot, like:
        • cd /var/www/public_html
      • git clone https://github.com/Copona/copona.git .
      • git config user.name "Your Name"
      • git config user.email youremail@yourdomain.org
      • git config core.fileMode false
      • composer install
      • open installation http://domain/install
    • Download files
  • Prepared environment
    • With Docker
      • Install Docker and Docker Compose
      • Duplicate .env.example to .env and configure file
      • Execute docker-compose up -d
      • From the command prompt, acess bash docker-compose exec web bash and execute:
        • Execute composer cd /app && composer install
        • Execute migration cd /app && php vendor/bin/phinx migrate
    • Manual install
      • Install WEB server Apache, IIS, etc.
      • Install PHP and MySQL
      • Install Composer https://getcomposer.org/
      • From the command prompt, execute:
        • Execute composer composer install
  • navigate to WEB address http://domain-OR-IPaddress/ or http://domain-OR-IPaddress/subfolder-where-you-cloned
    • Execute migration php vendor/bin/phinx migrate
  • If all the requirements have been met, fill the form and enjoy!


  • if you have installed Copona with Git (recommended), then got to the folder where you have Copona:
    • if you have not edited anything in files locally:
      • git pull
    • if you have edited something locally - then you are a developer already - you will know, what to do! :)
    • check the site, if there are problems - post them online, or you can always return to the previous version.
  • Run Composer install
  • composer install
  • Run database migration
  • php vendor/bin/phinx migrate (https://github.com/copona/copona/wiki/Migration-Phinx)