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CristianCucunuba commented Mar 11, 2020


  • Are you running the latest version?
  • Are you able to consistently reproduce the issue?
  • Did you search the issue queue for existing issue?

Issue Description

The description field is missing in the input schema when you are creating a shop. It's defined in the graphql schema but not in the validation schema. So, if you create a shop with description,

filrak commented Oct 21, 2020

Link bottom nav buttons

Home should link to home
Wishlist and cart should open wl/cart
Account should link to my account or open login modal if user is not logged in

"Menu" can remain like it is now as we don't have a component to open with this yet

NielsdeBlaauw commented Apr 28, 2020

If multiple products can have the same SKU, updating an order through the WooCommerce API (tested v2, v3 and v4) can unintentionally change products within an order.

To reproduce:

  1. Add filter to functions.php add_filter( 'wc_product_has_unique_sku', '__return_false' );
  2. Create product 1 with SKU non-unique. (product_id example: 1111)
  3. Create product 2 with the same SKU `
jacquesbh commented Mar 23, 2020

Sylius version affected: v1.4.4


Sylius says the category is used and cannot be removed, when we try to remove an empty category.

We figured out that we had some products with the taxon as "Main Taxon".

Steps to reproduce

  1. Add a taxon, keep it empty of products.
  2. Update a product to use the newly created taxon as Main taxon.
  3. Try to remove the taxo
AdamPawlinski commented Sep 25, 2020

Describe the bug
SfProductCardHorizontal - size and color are currently SfProperty but on designs they look like SfSelect.

How to reproduce
See SfProductCardHorizontal on Storybook layout. Size and color are not select inputs.

Expected behavior
There should be select input for size and color.

Change SfProperty to SfSelect on Storybook stories.

on Fig

供应链中台系统基础版,集成零售管理, 电子商务, 供应链管理, 财务管理, 车队管理, 仓库管理, 人员管理, 产品管理, 订单管理, 会员管理, 连锁店管理, 加盟管理, 前端React/Ant Design, 后端Java Spring+自有开源框架,全面支持MySQL, PostgreSQL, 全面支持国产数据库南大通用GBase 8s,通过REST接口调用,前后端完全分离。

  • Updated Oct 12, 2020
  • Java

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