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A Comprehensive Compiler-Assisted Thread Abstraction for Resource-Constrained Systems

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  • of course, different versions might work as well. This is what worked for us.
  • if you just want to build and test Ocram itself, GHC and cabal-dev are enough.

Building and Testing Ocram

$ cd /path/to/repository
$ source ./setup
$ cd ocram
$ cabal-dev install
$ ./make

Running the evaluation

Setup Contiki chroot

  • we recommend debootstrap
  • configure schroot (use chroot name "contiki")
  • install the following packages in the chroot:
    • msp430-gcc
    • JDK
    • Ant

Prepare Cooja

$ schroot -c contiki
$ cd /path/to/contiki/tools/cooja
$ ant jar

Run the evaluation

$ cd /path/to/repository
$ source ./setup
$ cd applications/contiki
$ make plot

See the results

  • */bench.results
  • plots/numbers.txt
  • plots/*.png
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