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🐸STT - The deep learning toolkit for Speech-to-Text. Training and deploying STT models has never been so easy.


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This project is no longer actively maintained, and we have stopped hosting the online Model Zoo. We've seen focus shift towards newer STT models such as [Whisper](, and have ourselves focused on [Coqui TTS]( and [Coqui Studio](

The models will remain available in [the releases of the coqui-ai/STT-models repo](

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Coqui STT (🐸STT) is a fast, open-source, multi-platform, deep-learning toolkit for training and deploying speech-to-text models. 🐸STT is battle tested in both production and research 🚀

🐸STT features

  • High-quality pre-trained STT model.
  • Efficient training pipeline with Multi-GPU support.
  • Streaming inference.
  • Multiple possible transcripts, each with an associated confidence score.
  • Real-time inference.
  • Small-footprint acoustic model.
  • Bindings for various programming languages.

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📰 Documentation
🚀 Latest release with pre-trained models see the latest release on GitHub
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