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A highly-available key value store for shared configuration and service discovery

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rafthttp: add functional tests
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Godeps etcdmain: fix godeps on osx
client client: don't use nested actions
discovery client: clarify relationship of AfterIndex and waitIndex
error *: switch to line comments for copyright
etcdctl client: ClientConfig -> Config
etcdmain *: make dial timeout configurable
etcdserver rafthttp: report MsgSnap status
hack etcdmain: simplify proxy start logic
integration integration: fix decrease cluster tests
logos logos: add SVG and PNG logos
migrate client: WaitIndex -> AfterIndex
pkg *: make dial timeout configurable
proxy *: switch to line comments for copyright
raft rafthttp: report MsgSnap status
rafthttp Merge pull request #2406 from yichengq/333
scripts scripts: remove 2.0 Documentation from build-release
snap snap: add save latency metrics
store store: remove unused ACL field
tools tool: dump tool supports index
version *: bump to v2.0.4+git
wal wal: support auto-cut in wal
.dockerignore Add .dockerignore to avoid including .git in docker build context
.gitignore etcd: use old default data-dir format
.godir create .godir
.header *: switch to line comments for copyright
.travis.yml *: remove shadowing of variables from etcd and add travis test CONTRIBUTING: update link to style guide
DCO docs(readme/contrib): clean up README, merge changes from CONTRIBUTIN…
Dockerfile Dockerfile: initial commit
LICENSE License project under the Apache License Version 2.0
NOTICE feat(*): initial commit
Procfile etcd: fix proxy README: remove doozer and zookeeper mentions
build Added go build flag '-installsuffix cgo' to create a static library. …
cover scripts: add build, cover and update test
main.go main: detects coreos
test test: not run race test on rafthttp pkg


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etcd Logo

etcd is a distributed, consistent key value store for shared configuration and service discovery with a focus on being:

  • Simple: curl'able user facing API (HTTP+JSON)
  • Secure: optional SSL client cert authentication
  • Fast: benchmarked 1000s of writes/s per instance
  • Reliable: properly distributed using Raft

etcd is written in Go and uses the Raft consensus algorithm to manage a highly-available replicated log.

See etcdctl for a simple command line client. Or feel free to just use curl, as in the examples below.

If you're considering etcd for production use, please see:

Getting Started

Getting etcd

The latest release and setup instructions are available at GitHub.

Running etcd

First start a single-member cluster of etcd:


This will bring up etcd listening on port 4001 for client communication and on port 7001 for server-to-server communication.

Next, let's set a single key, and then retrieve it:

curl -L -XPUT -d value="this is awesome"
curl -L

You have successfully started an etcd and written a key to the store.

Running local etcd cluster

First install goreman, which manages Procfile-based applications.

Our Profile script will set up a local example cluster. You can start it with:

goreman start

This will bring up 3 etcd members infra1, infra2 and infra3 and etcd proxy proxy, which runs locally and composes a cluster.

You can write a key to the cluster and retrieve the value back from any member or proxy.

Next Steps

Now it's time to dig into the full etcd API and other guides.



See CONTRIBUTING for details on submitting patches and the contribution workflow.

Project Details


Service Versioning

etcd uses semantic versioning New minor versions may add additional features to the API.

You can get the version of etcd by issuing a request to /version:

curl -L

API Versioning

The v2 API responses should not change after the 2.0.0 release but new features will be added over time.

32-bit systems

etcd has known issues on 32-bit systems due to a bug in the Go runtime. See #358 for more information.


etcd is under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.

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