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JeanGolang commented Feb 7, 2017

Hello Philip!
I think there is an issue with this part of the code of rqlite (store/store.go).

func (s *Store) Database(leader bool) ([]byte, error) {
	if leader && s.raft.State() != raft.Leader {
		return nil, ErrNotLeader
	// Ensure only one snapshot can take place at once, and block all queries.

	f, err := ioutil.TempFile("", "rqlilte-snap-
killme2008 commented Oct 15, 2020

非常感谢大家对 SOFAStack 开源的关注和支持,这是我们前进最大的动力。


  • 了解 SOFAStack 的使用场景以便更好的规划技术路线
  • 聆听社区的不同声音,让 SOFAStack 变得更好
  • 吸引更多的开源爱好者参与贡献,共同打造 SOFAStack


请按如下参考格式回复本 Issue 进行登记:


我们会定期同步信息至「Awesome SOFA」的用户列表中。



HichuYamichu commented Oct 8, 2020

Or more specifically how does one build transport component?

I'm feeling kind of lost after reading docs, readme and examples as none of them (at least to my knowledge) shows/points to information about transport implementation. Readme mentions gRPC but I couldn't find any further information on the matter besides raft-rs/proto/, which is

thedodd commented Aug 17, 2020

Here is a rough idea of what this test should do:

  • It should be quite similar to the other tests which are currently in place.
  • It should isolate a follower node, write a data to the cluster which will cause that node to fall behind into lagging state, but not into snapshotting state.
  • It should then spawn a task which will continue to write data to the cluster.
  • Just after it is spawne

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