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A simple certificate manager written in Go. Easy to use with limited capability.

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etcd now uses cfssl as the official tool to generate certificates. cfssl provides more features and is well maintained. We provide an example using the tool here.

Common Uses

etcd-ca allows you to build your own certificate system:

  1. Create certificate authority
  2. Create, issue and export host certificates
  3. Manage host identities
  4. Deploy a Public Key Infrastructure

Primarly used for coreos/etcd SSL/TLS testing.

Certificate architecture

etcd-ca inits a certificate authority, and issues certificates using the authority only. It indicates the length of authorization path is at most 2.


Create a new certificate authority:

$ ./etcd-ca init
Created ca/key
Created ca/crt

Create a new host identity, including keypair and certificate request:

$ ./etcd-ca new-cert alice
Created alice/key
Created alice/csr

etcd-ca uses for IP SAN in default. If etcd has peer address $etcd_ip other than, run ./etcd-ca new-cert -ip $etcd_ip alice instead.

If your server has mutiple ip addresses or domains, use comma seperated ip/domain list with -ip/-domain. eg: ./etcd-ca new-cert -ip $etcd_ip1,$etcd_ip2 -domain $etcd_domain1,$etcd_domain2

Sign certificate request of host and generate the certificate:

$ ./etcd-ca sign alice
Created alice/crt from alice/csr signed by ca.key

Export the certificate chain for host:

$ ./etcd-ca chain alice
CA certificate body
alice certificate body

Package up the certificate and key of host:

$ ./etcd-ca export alice > alice.tar

Because etcd takes unencrypted key for -key-file and -peer-key-file, you should use ./etcd-ca export --insecure alice > alice.tar to export private key.

List the status of all certificates:

$ ./etcd-ca status
ca: WARN (60 days until expiration)
alice: OK (120 days until expiration)
bob: Unsigned

Getting Started


etcd-ca must be built with Go 1.3+. You can build etcd-ca from source:

$ git clone
$ cd etcd-ca
$ ./build

This will generate a binary called ./bin/etcd-ca


generate certificates for etcd

Project Details


See CONTRIBUTING for details on submitting patches and contacting developers via IRC and mailing lists.


etcd-ca is under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.