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WIP implementation of CSL and CSL-M in Rust.
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An early-stage work-in-progress implementation of CSL and CSL-M in Rust. It is geared at:

  • replacing citeproc-js by providing WebAssembly bindings such that it could be embedded in Zotero or fulfil any other JavaScript-based use;
  • replacing much of pandoc-citeproc, by running as a Pandoc Filter;
  • providing a compiled static library to replace other divergent or incomplete implementations and make it easy to integrate citeproc into document processing pipelines and web services; and
  • correctness and high performance.

Nearly every programming language in existence can link against a static C library; this effort is therefore also aimed at reducing the number of implementations to 1, thereby reducing the burden on implementers and making CSL evolution more nimble.

Currently, the codebase is evolving rapidly and if you submit a PR, chances are I've either already done it or made a change that breaks the subsystem you were working on. Or force-pushed on master. If you really want to contribute, let me know and we can sort something out.

Status tracker issue here.

Technology overview

Compiling requires Rust 2018 Edition with Cargo, i.e. stable version 1.31 or later, or a nightly compiler. You should install it with rustup.

  • XML parsing with roxmltree
  • Error reporting with codespan
  • Little utility parsers written with nom
  • Incremental computation using salsa
  • Parallel processing using rayon's work-stealing queues
  • JSON IO using serde_json
  • Pandoc-JSON interop using (currently) an internal fork of pandoc_types.

Try it out!

Currently it can:

  • parse a CSL style (ignoring <info>) with built-in validation, type-checking, error reporting, and semantic versioning,
  • parse a CSL-M style (ignoring <info>, probably still missing many undocumented citeproc-js extensions to the spec),
  • parse locale files and perform locale fallback and merging for terms/dates/etc inside it
  • parse a CSL-JSON file into references
  • pluck out a particular reference, and execute the style against only that one
  • read and write cites for an entire Pandoc JSON document

Parse a style

git clone
cd citeproc-rs/crates/citeproc-cli
cargo run -- --csl ../example.csl # runs on a predefined single ref
cargo run -- --csl ../example.csl --library path/to/csl-json/file.json

To test it across the entire styles repo:

cd citeproc-rs/crates/citeproc-cli
cargo install --path . --force
cd ../..
git clone
for style in styles/*.csl; do citeproc-rs --csl $style | pandoc -f json -t html; done
  • Some styles in the repo are possibly invalid (mostly for using terms that don't exist).
  • Some will successfully output HTML!

Parse a locale

You can also parse a locale to check for errors. It can find a locale in a locales directory assuming it is structured like the official CSL locales repo, found via directories (the cache directory). Shortcut:

# clones the locales repo into place for you
cargo pull-locales


# currently broken
cd crates/citeproc-cli
cargo run -- parse-locale --lang en-GB

The big end-to-end Pandoc filter (currently broken)

Step 1: export a CSL-JSON library somewhere, with Zotero for example

Step 2: create a markdown file

It must contain inline csl/bibliography metadata. Currently, and contrary to its documentation, Pandoc will automatically add -F pandoc-citeproc whenever you add command line --metadata csl=XXX or --metadata bibliography=XXX flags. (That is, as far as I know, only supposed to happen if you use shorthand --csl XXX or --bibliography XXX.)

csl: path-to-my-csl.csl
bibliography: path-to-my-csl-json-library.json

First paragraph.[@knownCitekey]

Second paragraph.[@knownCitekey; @anotherOne]

Step 4: Run as a filter!

# much quicker than `build --release` or `install --path .`
cargo build

pandoc -F ../target/debug/citeproc-rs -s -o out.html

open out.html

Running the CSL test suite

# setup once
cargo pull-locales # if not done already
cargo pull-test-suite

cd crates/citeproc

# the whole suite in parallel
cargo test

# for a particular test, paste the file name
cargo test name_ParsedDroppingParticleWithApostrophe.txt

# for a subset of tests with some commonality in the name (this runs 8 of them)
cargo test name_Initials

Run cargo test -- --test-threads 1 to have the tests run in a deterministic order (i.e. alphabetically); this helps show related tests alongside one another in the terminal output. Run cargo test -- --help for more options.

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