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Middleman front-end starter kit
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Middleman v4 Front-end Starter Kit

Middleman v4 starter kit template created for middleman front-end development. If you wonder about middleman please check out here

Quick start

middleman init your_project_name --template=middleman-starter-kit

More information is here

What's Include

Middleman start kit template basically build on HTML5 Boilerplate front-end template. Ready to use Rails assets file structure, Sass file structure.

  • Middleman v4.3.3
  • Haml v5
  • Sass
  • Autoprefixer
  • JavaScript Modules
  • EcmaScript 6
  • Editor Config
  • Simple sitemap helper
  • humans.txt
  • Open graph meta tags



  • File formats convert to erb
  • Update gems


  • Fix browserconfig
  • Add jshint esversion: 6
  • Add utilities.sass
  • Add meta tag for theme color
  • Add babel-transpiler


  • Update Middleman v4.3.3
  • Added an example of JavaScript modules
  • Removed jQuery
  • Removed Bootstrap
  • Removed sprockets-es6 gem


  • Update Middleman v4.3.0.rc.4
  • Update Normalize.css
  • Update Ruby version (v2.6.0)


  • Update Middleman v4.3.0.rc.3
  • ECMAScript6 compile, autoprefixer and automatic_image_sizes move to build environment


  • Update Middleman v4.3.0.rc.2


  • Add .ruby-version
  • Update Middleman v4.3.0.rc.1
  • Update Bootstrap v4.1.1
  • Removed bower
  • Removed middleman-deploy extension


  • Update layout.haml
  • Update jQuery
  • Removed IE9 support
  • Removed font-awesome CDN (use SVG icons)


  • Bootstrap update "4.0"


  • Bootstrap update "4.0.0.beta3"
  • Remove Compass
  • Add Autoprefixer


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