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Shaper - a crude DSL for basic image creation

Shaper is a DSL that can be used to produce images containing simple shapes.

The provided compiler produces square shaped images. An image contains several rows of different shapes (triangles, circles, squares). The resulting image looks like a table of shapes.

Sample output image

The Language

The Shaper language is very basic and does not have safeguards. It should be used as it is intended.

  • The source code must be a one-linear that begins with a positive integer denoting the resolution of the output image (Eg: img_dim:512)
  • The size of the shapes follows (Eg: shp_dim:32)
  • The image description starts after the begin sequence >>>
  • Individual rows are separated by pipe |. There is no pipe after >>> or in front of <<<.
  • Individual shapes are separated by coma ,. A row must not begin with a coma or end with a coma.
  • The row is then made up of a list of shapes(square, circle, triangle).
  • The code finishes with the end sequence <<<

How to use it

Source code

Clone the repo and run ./gradlew generateGrammarSource and then ./gradlew shadowJar. You'll find the uber-jar in ./build/libs/shaper-all.jar. Generate a file like this: java -cp shaper-all.jar com.cosminsanda.shaper.compiler.Shaper2Image --source-code "img_dim:180,shp_dim:32>>>circle,square|triangle<<<" --out-filename test.png

Single file

java -cp shaper-all.jar com.cosminsanda.shaper.compiler.Shaper2Image --source-file /Users/cosmin/test.shape

This will create an image /Users/cosmin/test.shape.png


java -cp shaper-all.jar com.cosminsanda.shaper.compiler.Shaper2Image --source-dir /Users/cosmin/shapes

This will create images with a file name pattern similar to the one for single file above.

Example code

test002.shape file content:


Sample Kotlin code that useses the external test002.shape file to produce a .png file:

val code = FileInputStream(File("test001.shape"))
val res = Shaper2Image().compile(code)
val img = ImageIO.read(ByteArrayInputStream(res))
val outputfile = File("myshape.png")
ImageIO.write(img, "png", outputfile)

Sample output:

Sample output image