Secure mobile websocket example - illustration for a blog post (iOS, Android, web, data messaging and storing protected by Themis)
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Secure Mobile websocket example

This is a fork of elabs/mobile-websocket-example, showing how simple it is to integrate Themis crypto lib into socket-like communication and how to use it to protect stored data on your device.

Read a blog post detailing the process with lots of sequence diagrams and step-by-step tutorial:

sequence diagram with cat

Basically, you'll get server and 2 clients, that are communicating with each other and storing chat history in a very secure way.


A simple websocket server written in Ruby.

To set up, run bundle install.

To start the server, run ruby server.rb


Open xcworkspace, build and run project to start chatting. Don't forget to start server to recieve messages :)

Or follow long guide.

iOS client is written in Obj-C. Supports iOS8-10, Xcode9.


Android client written in Java. It's very simple to run it, but if you experience problems, please, follow this guide.