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A blog starter theme for Gridsome, inspired by the Attila Ghost theme and styled with Tailwind CSS.

Deploy to Netlify



Bleda starter for Gridsome devices preview


  • Sitemap
  • RSS Feed
  • Google Analytics
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Open Graph meta tags
  • Code syntax highlighting
  • Parallax post image covers
  • Option for fullscreen covers
  • Medium-like image lightbox
  • Taxonomies: Tags and Authors
  • Aproximate read time for posts
  • Post excerpts: automatic or user-defined
  • Paginated blog, tag, and author archives
  • Easily show post dates in your locale (moment.js)
  • Posts show a warning if they're older than 1 year (configurable)


It's recommended that you install Bleda with the gridsome create command, so that Gridsome removes the .git folder and installs NPM dependencies for you:

gridsome create my-website

Alternatively, you can clone this repo and set it up manually:

git clone my-website

# navigate to the directory
cd my-website

# remove the Git folder
rm -rf .git

# install NPM dependencies
npm install


See the configuration notes in the Getting Started demo post.


Run gridsome develop to start a local development server, or gridsome build to build the static site into the dist folder.

See the Gridsome docs for more information.