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autoparamDriver is an EPICS module that facilitates writing a generic device driver based on asyn that does not know ahead of time which (or how many) parameters the device supports, delegating the job of defining them to the EPICS database. If you've ever used EPICS modules like modbus or s7plc, you already know what this is about. In any case, check out the documentation to learn what autoparamDriver can do for you.

Note: When learning how to use autoparamDriver, please do not try to learn from the autoparamTestApp included with the driver. As its name says, it is used for testing and is not a good resource. Please refer to the Tutorial section of the documentation instead.


Familiarity with installation of EPICS modules is assumed.


  • EPICS base, tested with version 7.0.5
  • asyn, tested with version R4-41

Dependencies for building documentation:

To install:

  • configure the configuration/RELEASE file, pointing the EPICS_BASE and ASYN variables to the locations where EPICS base and asyn are installed (this is more efficiently done by placing a RELEASE.local file a level above the autoparamDriver directory);
  • configure any other build settings as needed for your EPICS environment (if you don't know what this means, it's probably not needed);
  • run make.

To use from another module:

  • configure the configuration/RELEASE file of the depending module, setting the EPICS_BASE, ASYN and AUTOPARAM variables to the locations where the respective modules are installed;
  • update yourIocApp/src/Makefile adding
    • yourIoc_DBD += asyn.dbd
    • yourIoc_LIBS += autoparamDriver
    • yourIoc_LIBS += asyn
  • follow the tutorial in the documentation.

To build documentation:

  • install doxygen, breathe, sphinx and sphinx_rtd_theme;
  • run make docs;
  • find the documentation at docs/build/html/index.html.


Copyright 2022 Cosylab d.d.

Provided under the terms of the MIT license.

Files that are trivial, generated by the EPICS build system, or otherwise considered to contain little creative expression, are provided under the terms of the MIT-0 license.

See the LICENSES/ directory and headers of individual files for more information. This package is REUSE compliant.


An asyn driver that creates parameters dynamically based on content of record links.






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