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Latest commit 27d81b4 @prathibha-cb prathibha-cb MB-16203 : Need a directory to write diagnostic information
Added a new argument "diagDir" to receive a config from ns_server
for dumping diagnostics information. Value defauts to "./" .
Made this addition for indexer and projector.

Also modified flag parsing to ignore extra/unspecified arguments
in which case a warning is logged. Any other error in flag parsing
results in indexer/projector crash.

./indexer -vbuckets=abc -cluster= ...
==> panic: invalid value "abc" for flag -vbuckets:
strconv.ParseInt: parsing "abc": invalid syntax

./indexer -vbuckets=1024 -cluster= .. -blaharg=abcd
==> [Warn] Ignoring the unspecified argument error:
flag provided but not defined: -blaharg

Only one error is handled as Parse() returns on first error.

Change-Id: Ib30a8ce3013cb41a52c13672165e1504a191a05e
(cherry picked from commit 418fe0f)


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