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Kafka Connect Couchbase

A plug-in for the Kafka Connect framework.

What does it do?

The plugin includes a "source connector" for publishing document change notifications from Couchbase to a Kafka topic, as well as a "sink connector" that subscribes to one or more Kafka topics and writes the messages to Couchbase.

See the documentation linked above for more details and a quickstart guide.

Customizing the message format

The example project in examples/custom-extensions shows how to extend the source connector and customize the format of messages published to Kafka.

Building the connector from source

Pre-built distributions are available from the download link above. The following instructions are intended for developers working on the connector.

  1. Clone this GitHub repository.

  2. Run mvn package in the project’s root directory to generate the connector archive.

  3. Look for couchbase-kafka-connect-couchbase-<version>.zip under the target directory.