My Curriculum Vitae, displayed as a website and version-controlled to track how it changes over time.
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Paper resumes suck. They are inconvenient to carry around. They are boring to read. There are always multiple versions.

I decided to turn my resume into a website to address these concerns. This makes the site easy to access, and it allows linking to various projects. The site is based on the Spacelab Bootswatch, so design is responsive. Storing the site as a public git repository allows version control and a degree of accountability as changes are made.


Live at

Building Your Own

Feel free to fork this repository and build your own resume. I used a couple basic PHP functions to keep formatting consistent. In addition, I host on Heroku, which is free for small scale and easy to integrate with git. Also, don't forget to swap in your Google Analytics code for mine!

Upcoming Improvements

  • Modals with further information about companies
  • Print to PDF function