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This project is a building block that implements a simple single-node store system to use as a building block for distributed storage systems.

Check out Project Wiki for complete description; here are some of the highlights:

  • Key/Value storage with optional opaque metadata (stored along with std metadata), where values can range from tiny to huge: smallest entries inlined in local database, larger offlined to disk
  • Last-modified index for building Change List - based synchronization between stores
  • Automatic, configurable auto-negotiated on-the-fly compression, decompression (GZIP, LZF, depending on payload size)
  • Pluggable DB storage backends. Current implementations include:
    • BDB-JE based: mature, default implementation
    • LevelDB/Java based: complete (as of 1.0), no known problems, but not as extensively used.
    • Other backends are planned for things like mdb (openLDAP / lighting) and Krati: let us know if you are interested in contributing other backends!


Good old Apache 2


StoreMate is a mature component, and 1.0 version was recently released. It is used in production systems via inclusion in ClusterMate (see below)

Unit tests exist to verify basic functioning of the single-node data store, when accessed locally (not over network).

More documentation still needed.


Project is a multi-module Maven project. Sub-modules are can be grouped in following categories:

  • Low-level utility libraries:
  • shared: data structures and utility methods for dealing with things like compression and hash code calculation
  • Single-node store implementation
  • store: Backend-independent single-node data store implementation that uses a backend implementation
  • Backends:
    • backend-bdb-je: Backend implementation that uses BDB-JE store (default choice)
    • backend-leveldb: Backend implementation that uses LevelDB store (new in 0.9.7)

More on design on Wiki.

Used In

  • ClusterMate uses StoreMate as its per-node Storage Layer