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Secret Hitler is a dramatic game of political intrigue and betrayal set in 1930's Germany. Players are secretly divided into two teams - liberals and fascists. Known only to each other, the fascists coordinate to sow distrust and install their cold-blooded leader. The liberals must find and stop the Secret Hitler before it’s too late.

Effectively this is a take on the classic social deduction/hidden role board game genre such as Werewolf and Mafia, but closer to the Resistance. Games are 5-10 players, the minority (fascists) know who everyone is and the majority (liberals) don't know anything. Over the course of the game the liberals need to try to identify the fascists to win and the fascists need to remain hidden, with an extra "superfascist" role with an additional win condition for both sides.

This codebase is a "lobby style" implementation of this game - anyone can make a game which is displayed on a list on the "home" page. The game starts when enough players are seated. In addition, anyone can watch a game in progress, etc.

Current production/stable is found at Secret Hitler IO.


Considering contributing to this project? Please read our brief guidelines found at CONTRIBUTING. Contributors get a cool special playername color!

Front end: React, Redux, Sass, Semantic UI, jQuery, SocketIO.

Back end: Node, Express, Pug, Passport, Mongodb with Mongoose, SocketIO.


Install git, have it in your path.

Install NodeJS LTS version, have it in your path. NVM is the industry standard way to install Node.

Install mongodb, have it in your path.

Install redis, have it in your path.

Install yarn for your OS.


git clone
cd secret-hitler

If you're receiving an error like "Found incompatible module", try using yarn --ignore-engines

Running in dev mode

Start development:

Start the redis server.

yarn dev

Navigate to: http://localhost:8080

You'll most likely need a browser extension such as Chrome's SessionBox to have multiple sessions on the same browser. No, incognito will not work. When developing in Chrome, you'll want to check "disable cache" on the network tab - the webpack setup isn't great and it doesn't cache bust itself. Also it will be very helpful to make all of the "quickdefault" accounts with the default password, snipsnap, so that you can log in to an account in one click. There is a yarn script you may run once server or dev yarn scripts are already running called create-accounts which will attempt to populate all of the helper accounts into the database.

yarn create-accounts

Assigning a local mod:

In order to better test all functions of the site in a local development environment it is useful to assign an admin account. This is done for you through the secret-hitler/scripts/assignLocalMod.js file courtesy of contributor Hexicube. After running the create-accounts script you will have the helper accounts populated into the database. Running the next line below will then assign Uther to the admin staffRole to better test all site functions in testing.

yarn assign-local-mod

Upon seeing the end result in the terminal of Assigned. you will know it worked. Just refresh your localhost:8080 page at this point and then you will have a local mod to test additional functions of the site with in a development mode environment.

Running in production mode

Don't. Please respect the maintainers and contributors who have given their time for free to make as good as it is. Running this codebase outside of may have unintended consequences.


Production has a limited set of data on the /stats page, check network traffic for the XHR for that if interested. If you'd like to do more detailed data analysis, please contact the maintainers for a dump of the (anonymized) profile and replay data.

License and Attribution

Secret Hitler is designed by Max Temkin (Cards Against Humanity, Humans vs. Zombies) Mike Boxleiter (Solipskier, TouchTone), Tommy Maranges (Philosophy Bro) and illustrated by Mackenzie Schubert (Letter Tycoon, Penny Press).

This game is licensed as per the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

Alterations to the original game

Minor image alterations and editing - assets available in this repository.

Veto power is slightly adjusted so that chancellors need to select a policy prior to saying yes or no to vetoing that policy.

Adapted the rules explanation to account for online vs physical play.

There is an option when players make a game to "rebalance" the 6, 7 and 9 player games - 6p starts with a fascist policy already enacted, 7p starts with one less fascist policy in the deck, 9p starts with two less fascist policies in the deck. Players (and results from analyzing statistics) have noted that these game modes are not balanced well in the original ruleset.

There is a custom game mode where game creators can make games with different rulesets such as being able to pick policy powers, pick number of fascists (always less than liberals), number of policies, etc.