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A module for the open source game engine Godot that adds a new Node, ElasticBody2D. Attached to a Polygon2D or CollisionPolygon2D it will triangulate the polygon and enable real-time elastic deformations of the shape using a finite element method.

This was done as a student project for the course Computational Physics III at the FSU Jena in the winter term 19/20.

It uses a delaunay triangulator and a finite element solver submodule which I also wrote for my project.

Installation of the module

To get the source of Godot 3.2.1 stable and add the module, run

git clone  --single-branch --branch 3.2.1-stable
cd godot
git submodule add modules/elastic_body_2d
git submodule update --init --recursive

To then compile a custom build of Godot which contains the new Node, simply follow the instructions for compiling Godot from source. (Normally, this should boil down to execute scons platform=<windows/x11/osx> target=<release/release_debug> with SCons and a compiler installed.)

An executable will then be located inside godot/bin. A precompiled binary can also be downloaded from the release page.

How to use

Using a freshly compiled or precompiled binary of the engine wih the module, the new Node ca be found under Node/CanvasItem/Node2D/ElasticBody2D from the node creation dialog. It can either be attached to a Polygon2D or a CollisionPolygon2D that you want to deform. Any Area2D that is attached to a ElasticBody2D node will be used to constrain nodes lying within the area.




Property Descriptions

  • floatpoisson_ratio
Setter set_poisson_ratio(value)
Getter get_poisson_ratio()

Poisson ratio of the body.

  • floatyoung_modulus
Setter set_young_modulus(value)
Getter get_young_modulus()

Young modulus of the body.

  • floatfriction
Setter set_friction(value)
Getter get_friction()

Friction or dampening of the body when in free motion.

  • floatmin_angle
Setter set_min_angle(value)
Getter get_min_angle()

Minimum angle for triangles in the triangulation of the polygon.

  • PoolVector2Arrayforces
Setter set_forces(value)
Getter get_forces()

Array of forces applied to each node when calling deform().

  • Methodmethod
Setter set_method(value)
Getter get_method()

Method used for integration of the motion equations when calling free_motion().

  • boolfixed_delta
Setter is_fixed_delta(value)
Getter get_fixed_delta()

If true a fixed delta is used when calling free_motion(). This allows preprocessing of the inverse matrix when using the Implicit Euler Method and thus improves performance for this method. The internal delta time is set to Godot's phyisics delta time on node initialization. (Godot's physics delta thus shouldn't be changed at runtime when using this option.)

Method Descriptions

  • void preprocess()

Triangulates the parent Polygon2D oder CollisionPolygon2D and executes the preprocessing steps of the FEM solver. Is automatically called on _ready().

  • voiddeform()

Instantly deforms the parent Polygon2D or CollisionPolygon2D from the forces in the forces property.

  • voidfree_motion(delta)

Performs a single free motion step acting as if there were no forces applied on the body. Uses the method set in the method property. When the fixed_delta step is enabled, delta will be ignored. free_motion() should then only be called from within _phyisics_process as the internal delta is set to Godot's phyiscs delta at node initialization.

  • PoolVector2Arrayget_velocities()

Returns the velocities of the vertices.

  • PoolVector2Arrayget_displacements()

Returns the displacements of the vertices (the offsets to their original positions).

  • Arrayget_pinned()

Returns an array returning containing the polygon indices of constrained nodes.


Submodules of this repository use Eigen, a free C++ template library for linear algebra.


Finite element real-time deformation node for the Godot game engine.






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