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The Open-Science-Paper repository contains a LaTeX document which is thought to be forked and used for scientific, collaborative paper writing via GitHub. The document combines the typesetting capabilities of LaTeX with the R programming language for statistics, using the Knitr package. This combination allows for the creation of executable documents that enhance the reproducibility of your research.

The Open-Science-Paper offers a clean and logical folder structure and lots of examples of typical typesetting requirements to help you typeset your paper. It comes with a makefile that helps you to compile, clean and archive the document. The document layout is close to common scientific paper formats. The layout can help to prepare figures and tables for publication. But you can also just use the Open-Science-Paper to create nice looking, paper like formatted documents. For an example see the PDF file inside of the repository or have a look into the impressions section below.

The project is documented in detail in the Open-Science-Paper wiki. It covers information about the prerequisites and how to get started with the document, a workflow for collaborative paper writing on GitHub and much more.

Get latest stable version

git clone
cd Open-Science-Paper
git checkout v0.9.2




Well formatted title header




Distibution maps (via simple rgbif wrapper)


Some optional features

Line numbering


Section numbering




See also

The Open-Science-Paper is the first stable document of a series of documents that are in preparation. You might also be interested in one of the following repositories.


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