@cppforlife cppforlife released this Nov 15, 2018 · 18 commits to master since this release

Assets 5
  • Updated knctl install to install Knative 0.2.1
    • knctl uninstall command now removes knative-monitoring namespace
  • Replaced knctl route create with knctl rollout command
  • Added knctl route show command
  • Added knctl route curl command to curl a route (instead of a service)
  • Show image digest in knctl revision show command
  • Improved table presentation of services, revisions and routes
  • Allow listing all revisions in a namespace (via knctl revision list without -s flag)
  • Support tagging and annotating new revision directly from deploy command via -t and -a flags
  • Added knctl route annotate command
  • Added rt alias for route command
e98d9931bca05dd545c25acddc1366fa78cb3b5bacb5110b59fefa0c1fb3f0a5  ./knctl-darwin-amd64
82a2728d147a6b1d93c06fc1db1a2e73c65b3cb86fca6d33abfffe7e37ed86ab  ./knctl-linux-amd64
f71437a1ae59bd05858a86d9521aaa5037722e89c6324788d95a976a175de24e  ./knctl-windows-amd64

@cppforlife cppforlife released this Nov 8, 2018 · 51 commits to master since this release

Assets 4
  • [breaking] Remove knctl namespace create command in favor of just using kubectl create ns <name>
    • previously knctl was applying Istio specific labels when creating namespaces
  • Updated to Istio 1.0.2
  • Add service url command to print service URL
  • Make curl and service open commands more consistent
  • Deploy command improvements
    • block until revision becomes ready before exiting
      • controlled via --watch-revision-ready flag
    • stream pod logs while waiting for revision to become ready
      • controlled via --watch-pod-logs and --watch-pod-logs-indefinitely flags
    • add --env-secret and --env-config-map flags to be able to reference secret and config map values via environment variables (docs)
  • Show start and completion times for builds as part of build show command
  • Fix --private-key-path flag in ssh-auth-secret create command
63aabc5021476a17e18b425a8976b4c305fc2fdd06318a1360004b3250a60749  ./knctl-darwin-amd64
534a38155f237bb91255b6433ca44bb236c2bae81502f5b131c89a8902132219  ./knctl-linux-amd64

@cppforlife cppforlife released this Oct 2, 2018 · 87 commits to master since this release

Assets 4
  • Add dns-map command as integration with kwt
  • Add service show and revision show commands
  • Print out non-ready pods during installation
  • Fix curl command to work with Minikube's node IP
  • Add build show command which includes build logs
65317d3e2507344fab4a6ceac7edeb61ae441bf15031883efdcdd20451c505b7  ./knctl-darwin-amd64
1447679115cc80089892a2a3f46feec403bb4e2aa87f2329382b7073bb427bf6  ./knctl-linux-amd64

@cppforlife cppforlife released this Sep 7, 2018

Assets 4
  • Reorganize help output
  • Allow port configuration for open command
  • Retry installing Istio upon request did not complete within allowed duration error
e4ac6d65170c41738990d8aff5854df587c863edeaa442fc1ffa43f1753a8183  ./knctl-darwin-amd64
4ee455bb812e047e32d260d55bb3f6a615eac6fb347fe85a193acaeca4d49467  ./knctl-linux-amd64

@cppforlife cppforlife released this Aug 28, 2018 · 120 commits to master since this release

Assets 4
  • Changed commands to be in form knctl noun verb from previous knctl verb noun to be more consistent with other CLIs in the ecosystem
    • Example: knctl service list
  • Added --kubeconfig-context flag to allow overriding kubeconfig's default context
  • Added --version-check=false flag to install command to skip checking minimum Kubernetes API server version (it's 1.10)
  • Respect KUBECONFIG environment variable in addition to KNCTL_KUBECONFIG to work better with upcoming kubectl plugin system (see below)
  • Added knctl as kubectl plugin doc page
eede3c7a609a680720e989b43ce35b8e397b9265c871b33482c4dc2e065f9141  ./knctl-darwin-amd64
525bf42441a8416606ff0d3ba8f460b7a123c03181462641459b4d8d675b9846  ./knctl-linux-amd64

@cppforlife cppforlife released this Aug 21, 2018

Assets 4
  • Actually improve various retry logic
77987592684371eb352f75d80488706d5757afbb71c2305ecd5b09e550d20aef  ./knctl-darwin-amd64
14927c246b1b2499753ca18584c1faf9d4a08e1d852335e7eee2b972155904e0  ./knctl-linux-amd64

@cppforlife cppforlife released this Aug 21, 2018

Assets 4
  • Update install command to install Istio 1.0.0 and Knative 0.1.1
    • Remove istio labeling functionality since it's no longer necessary
  • Pick up default namespace from kubeconfig
    • Tip: set default namespace via kubectl config set-context $(kubectl config current-context) --namespace=new-ns
    • Existing KNCTL_NAMESPACE env variable continue to be respected
  • Make logs command more resilient against GetLogs() oddities
  • Improve various retry logic (use k8s.io/apimachinery's wait package)
b8cd03efcb7ba9ef2c9d4ddfbb7a75d130ea6058acf6e96032375f8a210569d0  ./knctl-darwin-amd64
f492a82600b0e7c3ff9c3dd685bf58de8b48fbe2855f97fb5d662f5c5a569edd  ./knctl-linux-amd64

@cppforlife cppforlife released this Aug 16, 2018 · 165 commits to master since this release

Assets 4
  • Added --directory flag to deploy/build commands to deploy services from source directory (instead of remove git repository)
  • Added --template flag (and friends) to deploy/build commands to specify custom build templates (could be used with buildpacks)
  • Added support for node port configuration for install command (tested on PKS)
  • Added uninstall command
  • Force service redeploy every single time deploy command runs (via random env variable)
  • Fixed --generate-name flag for deploy command
  • Added --private-key-path flag for picking up private key from a file in create ssh-auth-secret command
  • Added --port flag to curl command to optionally select different port
b43faf15c7f496f041607065772481fc9d20e4b3ffd4b1d2b776e603eba51b6c  ./knctl-darwin-amd64
701c3c626c4d9d6f9dd3c497c3395b338ec81de4a5df0291507126d94b173f76  ./knctl-linux-amd64

@cppforlife cppforlife released this Aug 13, 2018 · 197 commits to master since this release

Assets 4
  • Added --for-pulling to create basic-auth-secret command to create Docker secrets for pulling images
  • Automatically set imagePullSecrets on service accounts with create service-account command if secret is of type kubernetes.io/dockerconfigjson
  • Hide internal domain columns by default
  • Added --generate-name flag to generate random names for created resources
  • Allow setting private key and passwords via environment variables
f7d13fb11a06429d8885f817b217f62b90b651d9d353e4a244f376baaf8ecd4f  ./knctl-darwin-amd64
2354d0be11b5627ac518b568291752ad097e257ddda5896f0aeccc6298edd37c  ./knctl-linux-amd64

@cppforlife cppforlife released this Aug 11, 2018 · 211 commits to master since this release

Assets 4
  • Added --image-pull-secret flag to create service-account command
  • Added create domain command to set default domain
  • Added list domains command
  • Renamed service-account-name flag to service-account
  • Replaced Created At with Age column
  • Do not show kubectl.kubernetes.io/last-applied-configuration annotations
  • Print basic steps during a deploy
  • Improved error messages for invalid commands
2da650a2e4bc8f93ce3a7b0c5a2c5607ef294a2fa70f32de2eeb81db06c1940d  ./knctl-darwin-amd64
56ad813200c5d5adb10a484e1a5022bec041b1670956ea427041e023ca7c4dbf  ./knctl-linux-amd64