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dockerscan: A Docker analysis & hacking tools

DockerScan logo

Project site
Author Daniel Garcia (cr0hn) / Roberto Munoz (robskye)
Last Version 1.0.0-Alpha-02
Python versions 3.5 or above

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What's dockerscan

A Docker analysis tools

Very quick install

> python3.5 -m pip install -U pip
> python3.5 -m pip install dockerscan

Show options:

> dockerscan -h

Available actions

Currently Docker Scan support these actions:

  • Scan: Scan a network trying to locate Docker Registries

  • Registry

    • Delete: Delete remote image / tag
    • Info: Show info from remote registry
    • Push: Push an image (like Docker client)
    • Upload: Upload a random file
  • Image

    • Analyze: Looking for sensitive information in a Docker image.

      • Looking for passwords in environment vars.
      • Try to find any URL / IP in the environment vars.
      • Try to deduce the user used internally to run the software. This is not trivial. If the entry point is a .sh file. Read the file and try to find call to sudo-like: “sudo”, “gosu”, “sh -u”… And report the user found.
    • Extract: extract a docker image

    • Info: Get a image meta information

    • Modify:

      • entrypoint: change the entrypoint in a docker
      • trojanize: inject a reverser shell into a docker image
      • user: change running user in a docker image

What's the difference from Clair or Docker Cloud?

The purpose of Dockerscan is different. It's foccussed in the attack phase.

Although Dockescan has some functionalities to detect vulnerabilities in Docker images and Docker registries, the objective is the attack.


Documentation is still in progress... sorry!

For the moment we only have the slides presented at RootedCON Spain, the conference where Docker Scan was presented:

Or you can watch it in video format (recommended):

Also, you can watch a dockerscan usage demo:


Any collaboration is welcome!

There are many tasks to do. You can check the Issues and send us a Pull Request.


This project is distributed under BSD license