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TinyStory is small indentation-based Choose Your Own Adventure engine I wrote because why not.


The most important thing to note is that the nesting of text and options is achieved with indentation. For that, you must either use tabs or 4 spaces, but mustn't mix the two.


* I am a clickable option
    And this is the text that will be displayed if you click it

Note: If there are no subsequent options or jumps, the previous options will be displayed again.

Setting Variables

= variable value


Check if a variable has a certain value. Not putting a value will default to undefined. Conditions can be nested.

: variable true
    * I appear only if the variable is true
: variable
    * I appear if the variable hasn't been set or is undefined
: v1 true
	: v2 true
		I appear if both v1 and v2 are true.


Mark parts to jump or link to. Following blocks are nested through indentation as well.

    * I'm part of the label's block!


* Option text
        We're going to jump here in a second
* Here we go
    > Label

Note: Putting > End will stop the game.


Links work pretty much the same away, except they don't erase the displayed text, so you can merge texts.

* Some option
        Things are happening here!
* And now for a link...
    As we can see:
    < Label


As we can see: Things are happening here!


You can define and call functions by first adding functions to the TinyStory.functions object in the index.html:

<script type="text/javascript">
	window.onload = function()
		TinyStory.functions.load = function() { TinyStory.loadGame(); } = function() { TinyStory.saveGame(); }

And then executing them from within the story:

* Load
	! load
	> Start
* Save
	! save



This will change the HTML title and add the title to the top of page as well:

# title A Cool Title


You can easily add a Google Font by adding:

# font Google Font Name


You can play an audiofile by adding:

# audio path/to/file.ogg

The file should be provided in both OGG and MP3 format. You must link to the OGG file though. It will loop automatically.


If you would like to change the name of the story file, tell TinyStory what it is in the index.html by setting

TinyStory.filename = "yourname.txt";

prior to load().


You can register functions to call from the story (see Syntax > Functions) by adding them to the TinyStory.functions object in the index.html:

TinyStory.functions.yourFunctionName = function() {
	// Your function
TinyStory.functions.anotherFunctionName = function() {
	// Another function

Fade Speed

Change the fade speed by setting

TinyStory.fadeSpeed = 500;

in the index.html (value in ms).

Restart Pause

Change the timeout duration during a restart by setting

TinyStory.restartPause = 500;

in the index.html (value in ms).


You can enable autosave by setting

TinyStory.autosave = true;

in the index.html. It will save whenever a new branch is loaded.


You can enable autoload by setting

TinyStory.autoload = true;

Autoload will load the last save upon starting the game.


Auto-return is the automatic loading of the last node when no further actions or links are present within a node. You can disable this by setting

TinyStory.autoReturn = false;

Custom Save/Load/Restart

If you want to create custom save, load, and restart functions, you can use:



Finally, here's a quick example to make all of that up there a little clearer:

# title Example

What would you like to do?

* I want to set a variable.
    Alrighty, let's do it!
    * Set it to true
        = var true
    * Set it to 5
        = var 5
        // Note that if no further options or jumps exist, the previous options are displayed again
    * Now I'd like to do something else.
        > I want to do something else.
    * Okay, that's enough.
        As you wish.
        > End
* I want to do something else.
    : var undefined
        I see you didn't set the variable.
        > End

Check out the sample.txt for a more complete example.