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Trogdor++ - A Text Adventure Engine written in C++
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Trogdor++ is the C++ version of the Trogdor Text Adventure Engine, which was written in C.  The original project is no longer maintained.  For historical purposes, it can be found here:

For this project, you'll require the following tools:
	- GNU C++ compiler (if you want to use a different compiler, you're on your own)
	- GNU Make (if you want to use a different build tool, you're also on your own)
	- The boost libraries (libboost-all-dev package on Ubuntu)
	- LibXML2 (libxml2-dev package on Ubuntu)
	- Lua 5.1 (lua5.1-dev package on Ubuntu)

To install all dependencies in one fell swoop (on Ubuntu 12.04 and up):
$ apt-get install make g++ libxml2-dev lua5.1-dev libboost-all-dev

Trogdor-pp supports both pthread and boost::thread. To compile with support for pthread, type:

THREAD=pthread make

To compile with support for boost::thread, simply type:


Instead of compiling a standalone single-player game, you can also compile a server/client that allows multi-player network play by typing the commands below. Please be aware that the server and client both use boost::asio, which requires support for pthreads.

make server (for the backend server that links to the actual trogdor engine)
make client (for the frontend client that talks to the server)
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