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A MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) is a multiplayer real-time virtual world, usually text-based, combining elements of role-playing games, hack and slash, player versus player, interactive fiction, and online chat.

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kovitikus commented Apr 28, 2021

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Right now, this condition check on the delete() outcome has no value.
script deletion check

Describe the solution you'd like

I'd like to see the DefaultScript.delete() method check to make sure the deletion was done properly and then return a boolean value.

Or as @Griatch put it

oestrich commented May 2, 2020

Switch games from belongs_to :user to has_many :admins

Create a new join table that let's multiple users administrate a game. No special roles at the moment, all admins can manage the full aspect of a game.

Maybe we keep the current belongs_to :user and rename to be the "owner" so we can tell who originally made it and maybe who should have slight extra power in the future. Other syst