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An open source Android client for Zimbra Webmail.


DAWebmail is an application developed for Zimbra Webmail users. This is the first exclusive Zimbra Webmail client for Android - Zimbra doesn't have an application of its own.

DAWebmail is currently being tested and used extensively in DA-IICT. The application has 1000 active users within the university. The application can be used by any organization that uses Zimbra as their email service, by changing a minimal number of Strings and URLs in the app configuration files.

  • View & Read Webmails - Even when offline. All mails are stored locally and can be viewed even when not connected to a network
  • Download webmail attachments
  • Receive notifications - pull based mechanism, you can set data usage to lower the interval in which network calls are made to check for new webmails
  • Send (without attachments), Delete, Multi Delete, Mark as read/unread
  • Multiple Accounts - Switch between as many webmail accounts as you have
  • A smartbox to view interesting statistics about your webmails.


DAWebmail on Google Play

alt text alt text


ToDos & How

  • The issues page has a list of ToDos. Feel free to put in suggestions, post new feature requests on the issues page, with the tag feature-request.
  • Fork the master branch. Please remember to create a new branch (git checkout -b feature-'name-of-feature') before making any changes, and send PRs for your non-master branch. Feel free to write to me before sending a pull-request. :)


  • The code does not follow Hungarian notation. Simple camelCase, everywhere.
  • Declare all strings/dimensions/colors in R.string, R.dimens, and R.color. Please do not hard code strings.
  • Maintain the package structure being followed.
  • Use ButterKife(7.0.1) to make all view references.


Network APIs

OkHTTP The network requests used are a mixture of both Zimbra's REST and Soap APIs. This shall later be converted entirely to SOAP based architecture as webmail has complete support for SOAP API.


SugarORM Webmails are stored locally and can be viewed when offline.

Navigation Drawer & UI

MaterialDrawer - Mike Penz AccountHeaders are used to switch between multiple accounts.

Organizations/Universities using DAWebmail

List Your Organization

DAWebmail can be used by any organization that uses Zimbra Webmail as their email service.

The following are the changes to be made to res/values/strings.xml

  • webmail_domain - The domain that follows post your Zimbra webmail ID (eg.,
  • webmail_domain_url - The domain of your Webmail service (eg.,

And that's it :) DAWebmail is ready to run in your university/organization. Please write to me to get your university listed here.

Developed By

Rishabh Bhardwaj