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Create. API

  1. Introduction
  2. Documentation
  3. Raising Issues
  4. Road Map


This is our beta API, which gives you access to the majority of our customers resources within the application.

The API has been developed in a Documentation Driven Development process, this means that we have documented the functionality before implementing it. This allows us to face any issues or changes before there's any code written.


The API is documented here;

Please take note of the "Available Functionality" section which outlines what parts of the API are actually live.

If you've been invited to view this documentation, please have a read through and let us know if you see anything that's been missed or if something doesn't make sense.

Raising Issues

Got a question or a problem with the API? You can raise issues right here on Github and interact directly with the developers.

Please follow the guidelines below for raising issues;

  • Identify your Create account so that we know which Create account you're using, please supply the domain name of the site. DO NOT share your API Keys or Usernames / Passwords here.
  • Security DO NOT post any sensitive information (order details, email addresses, phone numbers etc.)
  • Check existing issues for your issue. Duplicating an issue is slower for both parties so search through open and closed issues to see if what you’re running into has been addressed already.
  • Be clear about what your problem is: what was the expected outcome, what happened instead? Detail how someone else can recreate the problem.
  • Link to demos recreating the problem on things like JSFiddle or CodePen.
  • Include system details like what the browser, library or operating system you’re using and its version.
  • Paste error output or logs in your issue or in a Gist. If pasting them in the issue, wrap it in three backticks: ``` so that it renders nicely.


The Roadmap is broken into Milestones here;

It aims to set out when certain functionality will appear. It reduces in clarity the further we go into the future, and is constantly being added to as we move forward but it should give you a good overview as to what is coming next, and what functionality we intend to work on in the future.