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return not exit

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1 parent 87a76af commit f605581c7d83cd73910e6978a863982906bad7c7 @creationix committed Jan 21, 2013
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@@ -351,7 +351,7 @@ nvm()
VERSION=`nvm_version $2`
if [ ! -d $NVM_DIR/$VERSION ]; then
echo "$VERSION version is not installed yet"
- exit 1
+ return 1
if [[ $PATH == *$NVM_DIR/*/bin* ]]; then

3 comments on commit f605581


I was just working up a pull request for this - it caused me some minor grief as suddenly all my terminal windows started closing and it's hard to edit .bash_profile from something other than a termina.


ah yeah, my bad. It is a shell function of course, not a script. Sorry for the inconvenience..


no worries - it was fun exploring the code to find the failure

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